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fashion shoot day II | sandwich man

Fashion Shoot | Day 2

Ok, back again. Mansion on front street.

Amanda, our wonderful fit model, was able to come in today. So we shot all the stuff we weren’t able to the day before. Front and back of thirty or so jeans, shirts, dresses and coats.

Then Amanda and I, starving, walked to Sandwich Man. I had a rueben, she had an Italian sub, which she loved. And she’s serious about Italian subs.

For me, when it’s something as standard as product shots, the real shoot happens between the shots. With products, you need to have good, consistent lighting and framing, but that’s about it. Creativity really comes out when you’re just trying stuff. Seeing what happens. Exploring. I don’t take good pictures, I just come across them. Camera just happens to be in my hand at the time.

Here’s a couple of those shots.

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