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NYC | Day II

Check it, yo.

NYC Gallery day 2:

Three hotels today, plus Andy becomes acquainted with the subway. I was present for the Dwayne Street hotel in Tribeca (which stands for Triangle Below Canal, I learned). The hotel was quite trendy, and reminded me of an IKEA ad, and the staff, or at least the GM, was incredibly hospitable. They brought Andy all the diet coke a human could (or should) consume, and they brought me a french press! Hotdog!

The next two sets of 360s Andy needed to do were at the Candlewood and the Hamilton, were right next to each other, and we just happened to be staying the Candlewood. I took the chance to wander around and buy some desperately needed pants! (@ H&M. I’m not sorry.)

Now, I’m off for a run, then a shower, then some… WOW … yes. And I’m at the deadline for Straub’s postcard design.

Highlights:  (random ones I chose to embed in the blog. for the full effect, check the gallery!)

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