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CH | Hikari

CH | Hikari

First shoot with the fascinating Hikari.

This story starts purely film noir. It’s an early night, 8:30 or so. I sat in the corner of a nearly vacant Cafe Fresco, sipping a triple espresso, it’s raining and I’m certain I hear a deep bluesy jazz playing somewhere. I’m jotting down the most pressing points from my to-do list for the ninth time in a notebook.

Step 1: Write down what you need to do.
Step 2: Do it, as soon as possible.

That’s the secret to doing anything you want in the entire world, by the way. Start with where you are right now. You don’t have to figure it out, just accept where ever you are and say, very well then, this is me. Then decide where you’d be if you weren’t there, by conscious choice. It has to be specific. Then, with two clearly-defined, real points, you just have to plot out the course of action. It’s so simple.

Carrying on: I was early—look, I don’t know how— and she’s a little late, so I like her already; although espresso goes so quickly, and I don’t want to drink it all before she arrives. I suppose that’s rude. I mean, I dunno. Seems like it would be.

She arrives by taxi. Very interesting, no one does that, not in central PA. If your car breaks down, you ride a cow. She has dark features, she’s wearing a sweater-vest. clearly she wasn’t a local. I was… surprised. That she existed. Like a tunnel hidden under ivy, you don’t see it coming, and even then, you don’t really see it, until you’ve leaned on just the right section of the wall, lost your balance and toppled comically inside, and now the plot can progress. Plus she looks straight out of western Europe or perhaps the middle-east, but she’s Japanese, European. Different. Interesting. Going places.

Going places, such as Philly, in a week, permanently.  Figures.

We got along instantly….. and I ran out of time for this post. More to come. Anyway, here’s a pic.

Hikari, clearly.

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