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It’s been a bit.


-I’ve just gone through and updated/resized all of the thumbnails — now the main blog page will open right away.


I was curious, so here’s what I found.

-On my laptop – According to Picaso, Google’s excellent photo program, my website has 609 phootgraphs, I’ve processed 5,272 processed photos, 26,717 photos on Cinemoxie’s website, and 20,118 photos I haven’t even gotten to yet.

-On the Mac – Since 2010, there’s 10,253 on the external drive, and 12,890 on the harddrive.

-Negatives/Slides : Hmm. Ok. Well, sitting on my desk are three 35mm b&w rolls waiting to be processed, and a box of slides. My old and overstuff negative binder has 42 sleeves, all full. Next door in the old office is a box of miscellaneous color negatives and slides (I’m guesstimating about 15 shoots, and about 10  shoots on slides). Anyway, breaking it down:

-35mm: 42 + 15 + 3 = 60 x 36 =  2160

-chromes: 1 + 10 = 11 x 36 = 396

= 75,859 digital, and  negatives.

TOTAL: 78,415 pictures.

And I know, for a fact, that I have hundreds of lost photos sitting around on old harddrive or in old folders. A poor memory is a great way to turn old things into a new experience. Although, I mean, holy cow, 78 thousand. Daunting, when you have to go through all of them to properly finish a few projects, (mostly, Cinemoxie).

Anyway, here’s one of them, taken from Andy and Emily’s wedding last summer. No watermark, because it’s just some flowers in the sunset. Nothing to write about in, say, a blog. Hrm. Ha, no, I mean, it might not redefine modern photography, but I like it. Details about it, like the sunflare, mild grittiness, the out-of-focus background, are ‘comfort areas’ in photos for me. Plus I’m super obsessed these days with shooting into the light source (especially the sun). Little things like that, all watermarks of flavor on the way to really defining my personal artistic style. But I’d say this is more of a personal entry, kinda like an entry in a diary, versus something published for the public to digest. So, why am I publishing it? Well, that’s a question for another entry— this generation’s openness. From everything from old school platforms like xanga &, to modern outlets like facebook & twitter, it seems our privacy is less important than the desire to share our inner selves, perhaps if only to prove that they even exist.

… I think I’m getting a bit too philosophical. It’s a flower & a sunset, man.

And, anyway, I really enjoyed Andy and Emily’s wedding. First one, ever, I think, that I was in. Can’t say enough how awesome that was. Turns out, those people I professionally watch in weddings almost every weekend of the summer really are having fun. And, besides, if I take time to go through the 78k photos first, I’ll never ever get to posting anything. So, here ya go :

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  1. Jon says:

    Nice shot of the flowers. Love the lighting.

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