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nyc | day III

alright. I skipped a few days. I actually edited together yesterdays stuff, the days before, and THEN the pictures in this shoot. That is, I did day 4 and day 5 before day 3. Turns out I entirely forgot I didn’t finish it, haha. Anyway, in addition to shooting denim at Cavi, Andy and I hit up Nu Hotel in Brooklyn, which turns out to be very nice.

We grabbed pizza (which was epic, since we had a hurried–aka, non-existent— breakfast. AND we skipped lunch, checked out the remarkably jewish B & H (no, I mean, really. They even close for Jewish holidays. And they have the best, most incredible selection of cameras and film-related supplies I have ever seen. Just OMG. I could’ve died. I bought a much needed hdmi cable, and that’s it. I used the cable to link my poor, dying laptop up to the TV in our room, which was bolted to the table for some inconvenient reason. I really should have photographed OUR room, but no, that’s too obvious a thing to do on a trip that centers around photographing rooms. Alas. Also, I’ve decided there is no reason, really, to have these sentences in parentheses… not anymore. Oh well. ¬†They end now. Both of them)) and did the usual world conquest activities.

Here’s the full gallery!

Check it out for the full earth-shattering effect!

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