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philly | rittenhouse

About a week ago, Chris and I were invited to a fashion event in Philly. Erm, that is, we were invited a month ago, we went to it about a week ago. Or no, it was more like two weeks. Right after the nyc trip, right before the cali trip.

Look, it doesn’t matter when it happened. Point is, we went, and made all sorts of epic contacts. Rather, Chris did. I’m a very lazy socializer when not in the mood. ┬áPlus I was mostly digging this incredible cheeseburger. Absolutely amazingly incredible. It was stuffed with roquefort cheese, topped with┬ácaramelized onions, and placed in an Amoroso roll. Plus, my beer was served in a chalice. What was really amazing was when the waitress served us, the walls shook and the ceiling split in two and there were trumpets and trombones and an entire symphony descended while I indulged in each otherworldly bite.

Yes, really. A symphony descended from the ceiling.

Anyway, I didn’t really take many photos. It was just too touristy. And I’m no tourist, no siree.

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