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cali | day I

Ok, it’s day I and day II. I guess. I wasn’t paying much attention to time (see the time series for my thoughts on this.)

What did we do? Flew out there via Continental. I sat in the back, and had an entire row of seats all to myself. I was up the entire night before editing the doggone movie, so I slept most of the flight there.  Also, my laptop is useless with it’s broken screen, and I couldn’t find the Ellis book I was looking for in the bookstore, so I bought ‘The Road’ instead.

Anyway. Hmm. Day I, we went to Chris’s dad’s ranch in San Diego. Avocados and  orange trees everywhere. Chris and I tried to climb to the top of a hill nearby, but ended up trespassing (I know this, because a lady with her dog made sure we knew this). Amazing view at top, when we finally made it.

The second day, we went into LA, to see Hollywood (mostly because Chris just kinda accidentally drove there), which was ‘Eh.’ Well, I’ll say it’s what I expected. Sex toy shops every few feet, punctuated by a horde of unassuming salespeople desperate to take you on a tour. We didn’t stay long, and headed over to Annie’s actress friend’s place. And then FELL DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!! OMGAHAHA.

Actually, no. But I’m out of time. More to come.

Click here for the first gallery!    Actually, not yet. I’ll upload this this afternoon… for some reason it’s taking forever and I’m running late. Per usual.

And here are highlights:

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